Munson-Williams-Proctor Arts Institute School of Art seeks a part-time beginning Ceramics Instructor for the Community Arts Education Program.

TEACHING DUTIES: Part-time instructor will teach INTRO TO POTTERY: THROWING FOR BEGINNERS, a 12-session / 36 hour course within the Community Arts Education Program (non-credit) at MWPAI’s School of Art. The course is taught in the Fall and Spring semesters. Teaching includes instruction to develop skills, dexterity, and coordination using the potter’s wheel as a tool of the ceramic forming process. Introduce handbuilding and throwing techniques. Develop ceramics aesthetics in a contemporary, social, and art historical context while also exploring the fundamental process of firing and glazing.

QUALIFICATIONS:   BFA in Ceramics required. Teaching experience preferred. Knowledgeable in ceramic studio organization and functions helpful. Kiln firing experience helpful.

COMPENSATION: Instructor pay is $900 per class.  Part-time employees enjoy institute member benefits.  

 APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS:  Review of applications will begin immediately until position is filled.  This is an entirely online application process through  It is recommended to prepare answers offline, save them in a text or word document, and copy/paste answers into the application form so as not to lose your work. Email and paper applications will not be accepted.


Apply via Submittable

1. Letter of Application

2. Resume (pdf)

3. Three professional references including title, phone number, and email.

4. (optional) Link to website

5. 10 Images of Artists Work (jpg, tiff) with title, year, medium, dimensions, additional info

6. (optional) 10 Images of Student Work (jpg, tiff)

ABOUT: Munson-Williams-Proctor Arts Institute is an internationally prominent fine arts center serving diverse audiences through three program divisions – School of Art & Design, Museum of Art, and Performing Arts. The Institute was founded in 1919 and provides some 600 events annually with more than 180,000 patrons enjoying the many exhibitions, performances, art classes and family-oriented activities.  In addition to the PrattMWP program, the School of Art and Design also operates a vibrant Community Arts Education program that attracts approximately 1000 students each year of all ages enjoying non-credit classes in painting, drawing, pottery, jewelry and more.  

The Institute’s campus includes 28 buildings on 10 acres of landscaped grounds in Utica, New York, conveniently located in the heart of New York’s Cultural Corridor in the historic Mohawk Valley, between Syracuse and Albany.

For more information about the Institute’s School of Art & Design and PrattMWP, please visit You may also visit for the main MWPAI informational website.